Keystone Catfishing August 12, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with a couple of fellers from up around Skiatook, Telly and Rick. Had a great time laughin and cuttin up. the fishing was a little faster paced than I'm used to as we had fish coming in left and right and could only run 4 poles during part of the trip. that's probably what we shoulds stuck with as we had three and four rods goin at once on a couple of occasions. caught several around 6 and 7 lbs ... most were around 3 or so and one was right at 15 or a little over. All came in on cut and live shad. water temp was down to 80 degrees today. Lots cooler than last week when it was 96 and 98. I even caught a bit of a chill on the way back to the ramp tonight. or I should say this morning.

Telly with the biggun of the night at 15+

total catch was 23 or that's what we kept ... we cauhgt over 30 all together