Tiny's Fishing Photos August 12, 2015

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Cory called me this morning and said Hey Tiny .. how much notice you need to go fishin? I said not much .. wanna go tonight ... well ... uh ... YEAH!!! Sounded like he was glad he didn't have to twist my arm. hehehe. He brought his friend Alan and we had a pretty good night doing a learning trip.. tried to pass on some things and I'm pretty confident they'll do well from now on with no help from the old boys feeding them mis-info from the bait shops. hahaha. We caught quite a few fish .. the bite was slow but we even got one big enough to break the dropper loop out instantly when the sinker hung on a staub so it was a pretty big one. We got a couple over 16 lbs in the boat along with several under.

Alan with a nice skinny post spawn male we turned back.

Cory with his first nice one of the night at 16 lbs


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