Kaw Lake Catfishing Aug 13, 2011

Tiny's Guide Service

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Fished with Bob and his son Christian tonight. What a lot of fun this youngun was ... I was unable to get my web page edited the following morning and have forgotten some of his antics but I do remember one ... he was playing in the livewell trying to catch me some shad or something and his dad said "hey.... watch out for that alligator"  hahaha poor Christian jumped back like he actually seen one in the livewell ... kinda had to been there but it was hilarious.

They released all the fish we caught so the exact number isn't available to us but I'm guessing somewhere between 30 to 35. They caught several doubles tonight and the biggun was 16 lbs. I forget which one it is in the photos because we photo'd lots of fish. Bob also hooked into one that was sure enough a monster too but it snapped the line pretty quickly. Drag was set loose enough but for some reason the line gave way.

Bob and the first nice one of the evening

Christain with his first nice one, bout 10 lbs

I think this was the biggun of the night.


Bob said that out of all their guided trips that this was the first trip they'd been on that they'd caught a double