Keystone Catfishing August 15, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Team Awesome Blossom made an appearance out on Keystone lake again. We had a few substitutes pinch fishin/hittin. but, It's still Team Awesome Blossom. hahaha. It was tough out there today ... the fish weren't active at all it didn't seem like but I found a cut they liked and we started catching fish with the butterfly flutter cut shad ... they wouldn't bite very good on the heads or anything but they'd hit the butterflied shad. We caught about 15 fish today with the biggest being right at 7 or 8 lbs ... we tried to pick off a couple bigguns but  they wasn't interested. So we went after any that would bite ... the ones up in the current seemed to be the only ones that'd feed. bite was pretty steady up there in the current or just to the side of it. water temp was 86 degrees today. Weather was pretty nice but that east wind after the front yesterday had the fish in a headlock or something.

Lucas with a nice blue

Jessica with a good one too. bout 7 or 8 lbs

Jessica's hubby, Mica with a nice channelcat he caught

Gary with a good one

Jessica with a good one along with some nice bunny ears