Keystone Catfishing August 21, 2009

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Fished with my friends from down Texas and Arizona again. Harry, Cody and Sheldon. Sheldon is the one from AZ. We had a lot of flood water coming into the lake from the floods we got a few nights ago ... lots of debris in the water, which was a pain to deal with. We still caught some nice fish though. We didn't get a pic of Harry cause he kept telling Sheldon ... nah you get it ... you came all the way from AZ to go fishin. I kept them out a couple extra hours to try to get Harry a nice one but it wasn't meant to be ... sorry Harry. We also had one break another Attwoods rod holder off because of those danged Zebco Hawg Seeker reels ... the drag on them sticks and this was the second rod holder I had break off when a big fish hit those Zebco reels. I tried for quite a while to snag the line but never did. Sure woulda like to have seen that fish. I don't have to worry about that happening any more cause I don't have another Hawg Seeker Reel in my boat. I won't have another one either.

Sheldon with the first 10+ fish

Cody with an 11 lb'r

Sheldon with another nice one at 12.5 lbs

Sheldon with another good one, 15.5 lbs Flathead