Keystone Catfishing August 22, 2009

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Fished with Steve from Iowa and Cody of Claremore OK this evening. Had a blast ... caught lots of fish and they all averages between 10 to 12 lbs with the biggest at 21+ lbs. If we'd have had any better of a time tonight it woulda had to been illegal. We were talking about people that catch record fish and I made the observation that most records are caught by people that aren't even fishing for that species of fish ... shouldn't count by golly. Then Steve said yeah ... it's kinda like playing pool and not calling your pocket ... I said yeah ... "SLOP FISHING" hahaha. All total they went in with about 150 lbs of fish. I allowed as how we should go over and hit this one laydown tree over yonder cause it usually holds a nice flathead. We get over there to the laydown and get the rods casted out and wasn't there just a few minutes and one of poles layed down with that 21 lb'r on the other end. Then we moved over and found lots of fish just a little ways over and sacked up two doubles and several singles. I was about to get worn smooth out just from running the landing net. hahaha.

I'm going to start taking out trips in the mornings instead of doing the night trips starting today. This weekend is still open for booking if anyone wants to go.

Here's Cody with his first nice fish of the day.

About a 9 lb flatty

Steve with the biggest of the night at 21+ lbs

First double of the night, Steve with a 12 lb blue and Cody with an 8 lb flathead.

Second Double 13 lb blue and 11 lb flat

Total catch of the day about 150 lbs of fish.
The three small ones are in the bucket