Keystone Catfishing August 24, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Had a blast today fishing with the Smith family and Zack's buddy, Brett. We spent the day trying to compensate for that east wind but it seemed like the bigguns we found wouldn't bite too well but I think later on in the day they would have started biting because the last bite of the day was sure enough a good fish. We caught about 25 total but a lot of fish were foul hooked so they hadda go back in and they were a little dissappointed when we had to throw back some nice fish but we just couldn't keep um. I splained to um bout the jumping off the cliff deal but every time we'd get into some fish they kept refering to the bumping and ole Larry "the bassman" was kept on with that bumping stuff ... I sez ... not bumping off the clift ... JUMPING off the cliff and then Zack said well what if they just stumble a little ... no .. now I sez Jumping off the cliff like it's intentionally jumping and hollering GERONIMO, by gawd! didn't help. it was just a few minutes left and we was still hearing that bumping stuff hehehe. It was a hoot. It wouldn't be any fun out there if there wasn't a little adversity ... now would it? hahaha. Ole Zack hooked into one right when Janet said it was time to go that was sure enough a biggun and it came unbuttoned ... ole Zack was in terrible need of unbuttoning therapy after that cause he said he was sad while we was tending to the rods and getting everything battened down for the trip back to the ramp. sure woulda ended the day real nice if we'd have gotten that one in but it was a great day no matter whether we got that one or not.

Larry, Janet, Zack and Brett with today's catch, 19 fish

Brett doing his practice for the Cap'n Morgan Pose-off