Keystone Catfishing August 25, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Delia and Mike Nacke today. The fishing kinda blew chunks today. We got a lot of good hits but it was kinda odd. I switched out all the hooks from circles to Kahles and that may have been a mistake. We ended up with 11 counting the one that was thrown back ... maybe that was what the problem was ... mike threw back all our luck with the first fish ... now it all makes sense ... just now remembered that. I also messed up when Mike asked if we'd catch more channelcat than blues and I said no .. we'd catch more blues ... we caught a lot more channelcat today than we did bluecat. It was a nice day but started getting really hot there about 1pm. biggest fish was 8.8 lbs shown in the top picture. It was a really nice day with great folks. Ol'Slick may recognize one of these people I fished with today ... allowed as how ol'slick was their 5th grade teacher.

Here's Delia with her biggest channelcat of the day. it was about 6+ ... forgot to weigh it.