Keystone Catfishing August 25, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Took my Sponsors from fishing today. Gerald's mom n dad, Joe and Jean Hatcher. I only got one pic but it was a good one. Gerald got a few others and said he'd get Roy to email them to me. They'll never make it hahaha. We had a lot of fun even though the fish wasn't cooperating too well. Still had that Eastern wind blowing and we caught around 40 lbs of fish before I bout had a heat stroke. It didn't look like Roy felt too good either as he didn't go to sleep in order to get out there on time so he was a party pooper. hahaha. Joe and Jean were great folks ... Jean is a sweetheart and I said so ... Gerald allowed how the apple didn't fall too far from the tree in other words and I said "now I didn't say anything that resembled that remark" hahaha. Jean caught most of the fish and she allowed that we needed to fish in that last spot we hit first next time because that's where we caught most of the fish ... I said I wished it worked that way or was that easy ... It's not very often that the fish will be in the same spot the next day. Anyhow ... we had a lot of fun and hope to get out there with them again real soon.

Jean and Joe posing by the catfishin boat