Keystone Catfishing August 26, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with the Griggs Family today. Man, you wouldn't believe the roughest two days I've been involved in since I can't remember. Yesterday when we were done fishing I had several electrical malfunctions on the boat. Wires came undone and both bilge pumps went out. figured out what was wrong with the livewell pump but the bilge pump is toast ... I hooked it up directly to the battery and it wouldn't work so I knew it wasn't my wiring. so I couldn't run the livewell without the bilge pump working because it regularly overflows into the boat hull and with no way to bail it out it would be bad. so I'm up until midnight working on my boat and got some of it fixed and then I get up early so I can run over to Pawnee cove to see if we can launch over there ... would save a lot of boating and increase fishing time. well ole tiny gets stuck over there and I didn't have Robert's cell phone number ... called my wife and had her run home from work and then called my cousin to have him come pull me out. wife got home and luckily Mike Griggs called one of his friends and had them get on the puter and get my home number and they contacted my wife and she explained what was going on and then she called me back and gave me their phone number so about 10:30 I'm headed over to the gravel parkin lot and we get together and head over to Appalachia bay and it's all closed up. Then we drive all the way around to Prarie View ramp and launch and then boat all the way over to Pawnee cove area. First place we stop we start catching fish and then got one about 12 lbs or so right to the boat and it comes off. Not sure if it was 12 lbs but it was over 10. Then we run on up river to find that it's almost dead up there so we go back to where we first started and tried that some more and caught a few more ... ended up with 11 fish ... biggest was about 7 lbs. We got loads of bites but it was tough to hook them rascals ... we went over to another spot and hooked a couple more but couldn't get them in. By this time it was a little after 5pm so they hadda start back as they had a pretty long drive. It sure was hot out there today. I was wondering if I was gonna make it trough there for a little while but I'm home now and burnt up, sore and back is eat up but it sure feels good to be out fishing again. I've got 3 days of rest before I'm back at it again. I've gotta get my boat fixed back up in the mean time. My leg seems to be holding up pretty well too.

Robert Griggs with one of the fish he got today. About a 5 lb'r. I'd forgot all about taking pics as I was workin pretty hard to keep up today.