Tiny's Fishing Photos August 27, 2016

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I fished with good friends again ... Rick and his Daughter Jessica Hill. Fishing was kind of slow but we managed a great night catching lots of quality sized fish up to 17 lbs. Something happened on this trip that was a first ... Jess got a good hit and she got up and started cranking the reel before getting it out of the holder but then he had to get it out of the holder because she'd cranked her right pigtail up inside the reel's crank and all wrapped up around the drag star..she had one biggun on that got off right at the boat and I think it was that one but not sure ... but while I was untangling that line off another line that got tangled up a fish hit the line that was tangled up and I had to hurry and cut the leader that was tangled in the other mainline ... quite a skirmish to say the least. hahaha. They'd had a wager on who caught the biggest fish and the wager was the loser had to cook supper for the winner ... ended up being a tie and I think Rick wanted shrimp kabobs and Jess wanted her daddy's famous enchiladas... I suggested that since it was a tie they should cook dinner for each other... that way everyone wins.

Jessica with the first nice one of the evening

Jessica's biggun of the night at 17 lbs

Rick's biggun of the night at 17


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