Aug 30, 2005 Keystone Lake Catfishing

This fishin trip was the toughest one all year ... 12 hours and 6 fish and the biggest was about a 7 or 8 lb channelcat. We caught a truck load of drum and the catfish were in there with them but the drum would hit and a lot of bait robbing was goin on but when they'd leave us alone in this one spot for a little bit we'd catch a catfish. Mostly bait robbing going on and with the current the way it is there's no current breaks anywhere but the coves and we didn't try that too much. They're gonna have to cut the water flow back at the dam some before things straighten up in the Arkansas side. I'm gonna go explore the Cimarron tomorrow and see if there isn't some prime fishing up in there.
Tiny's Guide Service

George Garlett with a nice channelcat