Keystone Catfishing August 30, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Don and his grandson Devin today. Had a great day ... bout got overheated as the temp seemed every bit as hot as it was yesterday. then we about got caught in a thunderstorm. One blew up over around Mannford that turned hwy 51 into a river. Flash flood and lightning everywhere but we headed in just as soon as we heard the first thunderboomer ... some idiots were launching their boats as we were leaving. Allowed as how it's going to blow over pretty quick ... as of right now at 4:52 pm it's still flooding here at my house and we loaded the boat around 2pm so it didn't just blow over. Anyhow ... we had a pretty good day ... lost some nice fish but still ended up with a pretty good mess. Had a great time messin with young Devin. He's a quick learner and this was his induction into the catfishing world today. Grandpaw had taken him a couple of short trips from bank but he broke his personal best on his second fish today I think it was. Don and I discussed a lot of fishing technique, theory and practical application whilst Devin whupped it on Paw Paw while he wasn't lookin. Devin had the hot side of the boat for sure. We also had a battery problem ... crankin battery gave out on us and we had to switch it out with one of the tm batteries ... that was fun as I just had a pair of pliers to work with. need to put me a small tool box in there for such things I guess but that's kinda like carrying a spare tire ... carry a spare tire with ya and you're just askin fer trouble. hahaha.

Devin with the biggun of the day at 9 lbs 2 oz

Don and Devin on a double