Aug 8, 2002


I've been meaning to get around to sending this
message, I have spent a lot of time thinking about it
and I've reached my final decision about the whole
situation, I'm glad we know each other exist but that
is as far as I want it to go. I think our father may
be the only thing we could ever have in common, and to
me that's not a hell of a lot. Take care.



I thought we was done already when you deleted your email account so there wasn't any real reason for you to send me this email. Thanks for letting me know about Vivian and family ... I've met them and they're wonderful people ... your mother has become one of my favorite people as well ... I only spent a short time with them last week but it seems like we'd known each other forever. Gonna be there saturday too.

I'll remove the part on my web site bout you and thanks again.

"Tiny" Tim Smith