A little bird told me

Where to find the fish.

Paying attention to the environment is a key factor in being successful when catfishing. I pay close attention to bird activity and position my boat to take advantage of fish feeding around the birds ... the birds are there because of a high concentration of shad or other forage fish which is common knowledge but a lot of catfishermen won't pay a lot of attention to birds and in my opinion this if a very bad mistake.

If you see a lot of birds in an area, ring-billed gulls or pelicans or any other fish eating birds that are working an area really hard it's usually because there's fish pushing the shad up to them. Sometimes it's a mix of fish from striper and catfish to white bass and other species of fish that school ... when schooling fish feed on shad there are usually catfish with them taking advantage of the shad that gets addled by the heavy feeding frenzy that's taking place. Fishing around the birds sometimes will produce a lot of really fast action. The gulls will be circling an area and diving when feeding ... most of the time pelicans are in the water just dipping their bills in the water when feeding on shad.

Birds are also another draw for catfish and not because of them feeding on shad ... when you see a flooded plane holding a massive amount of birds like pelicans there is usually a lot of defecation coming from the birds and fish will be down current from them feeding on the defecation and this is also another opportunity that should be taken advantage of when possible because catching poop eaters is a lot of fun and there's usually a lot of fish in the area if the birds have used this area for a roost for a long time.

If there's no current get on the downwind side of the birds ... usually the wind will make a slight current and carry the "food" to the fish on the downwind side. like if the wind is out of the south you position yourself on the north side of the birds and tear them up. Good Fishing!