Dam Boat

Remote Controlled Bait Boat

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I'm going to try to convey to you how to make your own dam boat in this page. This is a really good way for bank fishermen to expand their range of fishing via a remote control bait deployment system. These dam boats are fun to use and will definately increase your catch rate if you're a bank fisherman.

In this first photo you can see that I bolted a 2x4 piece to mount my motor on ... I was worried that it would be too far back but it worked out perfectly. I cut the front of the trolling motor mount off and then drilled two holes through the back of the dam boat and ran the bolts all the way through as I did with the two bolts going through the 2x4.

Here I took two pieces of stainless steel metal and put them in a vise and bent them over with a small ball peen hammer so that they'd be straight angles and then slipped them under the trolling motor height clamp and then tightened the clamp down on them and attached the steering linkages to the dam boat


Finished the Line release today .. used a 1/2" piece of pvc as shown in the photos to make it with ... this has a servo on channel 3 that is set up so that a cable is pushed or pulled to retract/extend the cable up through the pvc to make a secure hold on a loop tied in the line and when retracted it releases the line and then I turn the boat around and can attach another line and take it out in the same manner ... this boat has a range of about 340+ yds ... haven't tested it any further than that ... the remote is supposed to have a range of about a quarter of a mile.

Here is the line release servo with the cable that is pushed up through the pvc ... this is attached to a little tackle box lid ... did it this way as it was the easiest way to do it. I didn't want to go through the steps necessary to make the dual line release.