Keystone Catfishing December 1, 2012

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Fished with Bob Worth today and his kids Rob and Beckie along with Robbie the grandson. We killed um today on keystone. I found a spot that didn't look that obvious but seen several fish and little did I know that there were hundreds of fish in that spot. We never moved from that first stop I made and I couldn't keep up with more than 4 rods at first ... tried to fish with 8 but seen right quick that I wasn't going to be able to keep up so we dropped down to about 4 rods and had the front livewell full of fish in just under an hour. After three hours I had the livewell full and the big black tub full of fish so we had to start throwing them on the floor. I never would have guessed there'd be so many fish in that spot and I located it by the contour maps on my fish finder ... thought that maybe that looked like a good area even though I'd never fished it before and sure enough ... it would have beat the 700 lb record if I was able to keep up but we cleaned about 550 lbs of fish and turned back about 50 or 60 lbs, maybe it was more than that.... it's all a blur right now ... hahaha

Rob with a nice 26 lbs blue

Beckie with a goodern bout 13 lbs

Robbie with an 18 lb'r

Rob with the biggun of the day at 30 lbs

Bob and a nice 14 lbs blue

Beckie with a 20 lb blue, released

Bob and a nice one

Total fish cleaned was 72 and we turned back over 10 fish
The livewell is full of fish and these on the floor are the
smaller ones we caught.