Keystone Catfishing December 02, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Went out with the Copelands today. This was my first trip back out since my long stay in the hospital and I faired pretty well. It was painful but I'm glad I went because I heard the damndest story ever. This feller in the top photo was a hoot. His dad, Nathan, allowed as how he'd went dear hunting and when the deer approached he had to text message his fiancÚ to ask her if it was okay to shoot the deer. Now don't that beat anything you ever helt felt or smelt? hahaha. it was understandable as he was supposed to take her out on a date that night and would have had to not shoot the deer in order for him to make it in time to take her out so it wasn't as bad as it appeared at first, when I first heard the deal about phoning the fiancÚ and asking permission to shoot the deer ... at first I thought he was the most p-whipped feller I'd ever heard of .... EVER! hahaha. 

Brian with a nice blue

Brian in an action shot.

John with the biggun of the day at 10 lbs

20 fish total for the day. Nate bottom left and his bro-in-law Mark bottom right.