Keystone Catfishing Dec 3rd, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Isaac and Chad fished with tiny today. These guys were great fun as we was laughin and cuttin up all day today. Talkin bout hand warmers and stuff like that and wondering why they didn't bring one for ole Tiny cause he sure coulda used one ... Topics of discussion was Gastro intestinal problems and other things that I won't go into great detail here but you could imagine what all it was about and how it went with Tiny in the midst of this conversation. We caught a lot of fish but nothing real big ... we missed quite a few also as the fish were spitting the larger hooks but once we got the hooks changed out it started going a lot smoother. Biggest fish was right at 10 lbs and we caught 27 today counting two foul hooked fish that we released. The weather man lied to us I think cause I don't think it ever got up to 56 degrees today ... more like 40 as it seemed cold all day long. The front that came through yesterday didn't change too much around. The birds were helping us out some and the fish were pretty easy to find. cut shad was the bait today. Isaac even caught a carp today on cut shad that was about 10 to 12 lbs. Turned out to be a pretty great fishin trip ... I had a blast.

Isaac holding the fish up that Chad caught. 10 lbs.

25 fish today.