Tiny's Catfishing December 6, 2014

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This trip was Unbelievable. I was never able to rig up or use more than 4 rods today. Fished with Henry, Taryn, Val and Vincent today. The first couple of hours I was unable to keep up with more than 2 rods and I have no idea how many pounds or fish we caught as it was close to 700 lbs and no telling how many we released over 15 lbs. We caught lots of fish about 20 lbs each and a 30.2 lb'r for the biggun of the day. I finally got batteries for my scales but we caught so many fish that I can't remember all the weights and I only posted about half the photos on this page as well. It was incredible. The winter bite is on. We only fished about 4 hours total as well and the kids finally said "We've had Enough!!!" and it was true as their little arms was worn plum out by 2pm. We didn't get started fishing until a little after 10:30 due to tough time finding shad. I went all over the place and finally found some big brooder shad and a couple throws later we had plenty of bait. I only used about 6 of those shad and released the rest at the end of the day as we had like 20 of those big 10 inch shad ... I thunk to myself that those ole boys what go up to Ouchita would sure like to have these. 

Val and Vinc on a double

Taryn caught the biggun of the day at 30 lbs 2 oz

Henry with his biggest at 17 lbs.


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