Tiny's Catfishing December 9, 2016

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Fished with Andrew, Drew, Travis and Mikel today. We caught around 200 lbs of fish with the biggest being 28 then a 20 and lots of 10 to 12 lb'rs. We were going to go again the following day but my fender on my trailer came loose while going down the road and ruined my tire... this is the third incedent since the bananas were on my boat so maybe now it's over ... gawd I hope it's over. If anyone has balz enough to test my banned banana thing again then I'm going to just load the boat and go back home from now on. It's been nightmare after nightmare since the bananas. Motor locked up, Lower unit sprung a leak ... now the tire and trailer deal.... sheesh.

Drew with first fish of the day and biggest at 28 lbs

Andrew with a 12

Mikel with a nice one

Andrew with a 20 lb'r


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