Kaw Catfishing December 10, 2011

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A new catfishing.tv boat record has been set at an unbelievable 700 lbs of fish in about 5 hours of fishing ... I was in catfishing heaven and hell all at the same time .. hahaha . We caught a 32 lb'r, 27 and 4 more right at 20 lbs .. I cleaned 34 fish but we turned back a lot more weight than was kept as we had to turn back over 20 fish that was 15 lbs or more. It was a crazy day with us even catching one quadruple and several triples and doubles. I also had the pleasure of fishing with someone who worked for one of the leading doughbait companies around ... Magic Bait ... I was totally star struck ... let me tell ya. Kevin "Magic Bait" Bradley .. in dah house! hahaha. I dubbed him "Magic Bait" during this fishing trip and had a lot of fun with that. Tom was the conservative of the bunch ... after we'd turned back over 20 fish he allowed we was lying but the proof is documented in the photos below ... I never would have put this many pictures on a single web page because of dial-up modem users not being able to load them too well but I still left off 7 photos ... hahaha. Travis had the lead for most of the day with a 27 lb'r but the last fish caught trumped him up as Magic Bait reeled in a 32 lb'r right at quitting time ... all of the bigger fish was turned back  except for a couple about 15 lbs and a 19 lb'r. I don't remember the weights on all of them and don't remember which one was Travis' 27 lb'r but it's in here somewhere.

Travis with two he'd caught right off the bat

Magic Bait with a nice one here

Tom with one of his own

I think this was travis' 27 lb'r

Travis reeled both of these in while I was blocking the other guys from getting to the rods

Tom with one of his bigguns of the day at 19 or 20 lb

Magic Bait with the biggun of the day at 32 lbs