Tiny's Catfishing December 12, 2014

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Fished with the Watsons today. Matt, Gary and Randy. Had a great day catching somewhere between 600 and 700 lbs. I lost track about midway through as they only kept a livewell full of fish and turned back no telling how many. We caught lots of fish around 20 lbs with the biggest being 32.2 lbs. They came up allowing that they wanted to try to get Gary on a 30 lb'r and Randy also set his personal best at over 20 ... I forget what his biggest one was but all of them caught several 20 lb'rs each ... it was wild. I only took pics of about 1/3 of the 15+ lb'rs we threw back today

Son and father holding up the first nice fish of the day

Matt with one of his 20 lb'rs

Gary with a 20+

Randy with one

Gary and son Matt holding up the biggun of the day at 32 lbs 2oz


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