Keystone Catfishing December 15, 2012

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Fished with Mike Lawson and his buddies Toby and Gregg .. these boys are from Guthrie. We had a really great day out trophy fishing today catching a 36, 32, 27 and several 20's and over 30 inch fish. We ended up releasing around 12 or 13 fish that was over 30 inches as well as several around 2 lbs. We caught so many that I quit taking pics of anything under 20 lbs after a while. Another really wild thing we encountered was a bald eagle what was trying to get himself a duck dinner. It was exciting and hard to quit watching so that I could clean the fish. hahaha. The eagle would swoop in on the poor little duck and the duck would make a quack or two then dive and swim under water a ways to avoid the eagle and then surface and the eagle would attack again ... looked like there was a couple of times that the eagle tagged the duck pretty good but eventually the eagle tired and the duck escaped. It was a very thrilling event to say the least.

First two fish in the boat was a 36 lbr caught by Toby and an 18 lb'r caught by Gregg

Next fish in the boat was this nice 32 lb'r caught by Toby

Gregg and his 27 lb'r

Mike with a nice one ... Mike caught a 21 lb'r but I'm not sure if this is it or not.

Toby with one at 15 lb's