Tiny's Catfishing December 15, 2015

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Fished with some new friends today on Keystone, Left to right, Lawrence "Larry" Fishburne AKA Donnie, Charles, Rocky and George. We had a blast while out doing a learning trip. We caught 20 today. One thing that happened ... most of you know that I keep the depth readout off my fish finder because of this one dude about 7 years ago kept asking me how deep it is every 20 ft of boat travel so I turned it off that day and never had it back on ever since. Last trip out with Tom I turned it back on thinking it'd be okay and the first thing I was asked by Rocky ... "how deep is it?" hahaha .. so I turnt it back off. hahaha. Then I located some shad and asked Rocky to move over to the right side of the boat and he got all anse and decided to bail and jump up on the front deck with wind blowing 20 mph his first misstep ... his foot went right into the tub of water hahaha. I said get down from there .... cause if you fall in we'll have to hold you out there in the lake until I get my camera out to get the photo of a feller swimming around in 40 degree water....it won't be pleasant.....for you that is. hehehe. The day went like that all day long ... it was a blast ... Lawrence couldn't be bothered with the fishin ... he just sat most of the day in the back left side seat looking cool ... what would you really expect other than that from Larry Fishburne... man who b-slapped ya if you get outta line.


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