Keystone Catfishing December 17, 2012

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Fished with Jay Snow and friends, Lonnie, Kevin and Paul. Had a really awesome day out on Lake Keystone. I ain't for certain which is which on the weights of the fish but we caught a 34 which was the last fish of the day and a 31 which was the first along with a 27 and a 21 and several over 30 inches .. we had to release at least five fish over 30 inches .. the 27 and the 34 were two of them. Ole Jay told me right at the beginning of the day that he wants to apologize for his friends ahead of time but he should have said that it was him that was gonna be the most trouble. One of the first things he allowed was a remark about how ugly I was. I was putting on my ski mask and jay said ... shoot man ... you're getting better looking the more cloths you put on ... in other words he was saying ... man you sure is an ugly s.o.b. hahaha. it got worse as the day wore on too. Beat anything I never healt felt or smelt. sheesh... hahaha

Kevin with the 31 lb'r

I think this is the 21 lb'r that Jay has here

Lonnie with one about 14

Kevin with a nice one

I think this is the 27 lb'r

Kevin with the biggun of the day at 34 lb