Tiny's Catfishing December 19, 2015

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Fished with Marvin again along with friends Don and Kathi today. Man you talk about tough to figure out ... I tried to work the same pattern I'd established on the 9th and 10th as nothing has changed much other than the cold snap and more fresh water coming into the lake and figured they'd be up in the same area ...there were lots of fish up there but none would bite... ended up doing our best in deeper waters which seemed weird because usually under adverse conditions you always do better shallow but it was just backerds today... We caught one biggun. Don reeled in the biggun of the day at 24 lbs 4 oz and we caught several channelcat before that from a weed bed and that was it.

Don with his new personal best 24 lbs 4 oz

Kathi and Don with a couple of nice channelcat


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