Keystone Catfishing Dec 20th, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Carl and Anne Bagby again today ... it was a little cool but much better conditions than the last outting we had ... the rivalry was still on in full swing too. hahaha it was a blast and I tried to even help make it a little more even on a few stops so that Karl could catch up and guess what happens ... Anne gets the only fish at that spot which was about a 9.14 lb blue pulling back ahead on size and number of fish caught but the last fish in the boat was a 10 lb 14 oz that Carl got at the last stop. I told um we ought to stop at this one little nook and there's usually always a few fish that hang out there when conditions are right and they were right today and there were probably more than the two we landed but we wanted to scoot on down to a cove we was in early this morning looking for shad ... seen lots of big striper in there and I wanted to put them on a few nice striper after we'd got our catfishin done and had a little time left we'd run back up there and see if we couldn't hammer a few nice striper to top the day off but when we went back they were gone so we went ahead and come on in ... we'd already fished a good 6 hours anyhow but I kinda wanted to make it one of those special days since I hadn't been out in a while and these are great folks. We caught 18 total ... when we snapped the photo of the fish all out in the floor we had 16 and caught two more while I was tending to the fish there at that last little stop. Biggest fish was 10 lbs 14 oz and a 9.14 with several around 7 and 8. made a livewell plum full of fish.

Carl's biggun of the day 10.14

This was Anny's 9.14 I think. I thought I had a picture of her holding it but it didn't show up on my camera disc

Total for the day at 18 fish.