Keystone Catfishing December 21, 2012

Tiny's Guide Service

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Marine Plus Parts @ Stillwater, OK
Breakaway Competition/Fishing Surf Rods

Fished with my Brother Steve King. He hung a good 30 to 40 lb'r right off the bat and broke him off and then another 30 to 40 lb'r that got wrapped up in the anchor rope ... we got a good look at that one and he was a nice one. Then he got another biggun not quite a big as the previous two and got him into the boat and got photo and turned that one loose on purpose. Then Steve got three more ten plus fish just boom bang boom right after .. we kept those as Steve wanted to take home some fillets to mom and dad up in Illinois... we got him bout 5 gallon of fillets even though we turned all the bigguns back ... we ended up turning about a dozen fish loose total and cleaned two limits of 5 to 15 lb'rs. It'd been a long time since we'd gotten to go fishing together but we made up for it on this trip. What a great day.

Steve, A.K.A. Hawker from Hawker's guide service. Top notch hybrid scaley fish guide

Steve caught these just boom, boom, boom and Tiny was sittin back and enjoying the show. hahaha
He had more irons in the fire than he bargained for