Keystone Catfishing December 23, 2009

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Fished with Lance and his dad, Rodney and Grandpaw John from up Bartlesville way today. The weather could have been a lot better but it could have been a lot worse. We found fish pretty easily but finding shad was a little tougher. They were podded up and ya had to hit them just right to get on them and I was scared to throw down in the channel where there was trees wanting to take my net from me. We got about 50 small shad so I sez "let's go fishin!" We tried one spot along a ledge towards deep water and there was plenty of fish there but we didn't get any hits so I remembered what Shawn had told me they were doing on Keystone so I figured we might ought to go up to shallow water ... we found some fish up there but I think the front had them just laying around because we didn't get any hits back there. There was a spot on the way to the shallows that I slowed down and seen several fish but thought since they weren't hitting down in a little deeper water that those probably weren't either but after a few tries in the shallows we went back to those others I'd seen and we caught 24 fish in two moves ... biggest was an 8 lb channelcat and I only got one photo as it was getting colder by the minute and I was a little too busy to remember to take photos. all these fish were caught at about 25 ft ... water temp was between 36 to 40 degrees. Maybe when Lance gets home he might reduce the size of his photos and send me a few that he took.

Left to right, Lance and his granddad, John with a nice blue about 6 lbs