Tiny's Catfishing December 23, 2014

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Fished with brothers, Bryant, Brent, and Nathan and their friend Kelly today. Bryant said something right off the bat about attending church and I thought man alive, I'm going to be in trouble today with my mouth as this was my third trip in a row under windy conditions and I was feeling it so I asked right off what denomination they were from just to see what I might and might not get away with and they told me and the combination struck me as pretty cool as I belongs to one of the afore mentioned when I was younger and remember some bickering points betwixt the two factions so I hadda stir the pot as it was a very unique combination of guest aboard the ole catfishin boat. hahaha. One of them went to one that I knew you had to watch yourself with else I might offend so I kept my potty mouth in check pretty well most of the day when the pangs of nerve pinchin hit me as there were some really raw nerves amongst me after a trip to the E.R. just the other day. I had a lot of fun with obscure bible chat and trying to get under their skin a little hahaha. I'm ornery like that as most everyone knows. We had a lot of fun and caught a lot of fish boating right around 300 lbs of fish ... we stopped on this one spot where we caught a triple of big channelcat and they was plum prejudiced against those channels and two of them was bigguns around 10 and 8 lbs. They allowed they didn't want the belly meat off them blues when I was fixin to clean um and this gave Tiny an opportunity fer some catfish supper because I saved that belly meat fer myself and just got done polishing off a couple big plates of it with some nice tater salad and poke-n-beans too ... I can barely breath I et so much. hahaha. Thanks guys, it was great.

Brent with the first nice one of the day at 14+, Biggest of the day as well.

Kelly and Nathan with a nice double


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