Keystone Catfishing December 28, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Went out today with Wade Harrington. We had about as good of weather as you could ask for in late December. The wind might have gotten up to 10 mph or so but it wasn't bad. Most of the fish we caught today was right at or just over 10 lbs ... Wade said we was in a rut when we were catching those 10 to 12 lbr's hahaha. I was thinkin that ain't a bad rut to be in. We caught probably 7 that was 10 lbs or more. Then Wade hooked the 18.4 and he said something about it being a relief to finally get outta that rut. hahahaha. Water temp was 37 to 36 degrees. southwest wind most all day. Lots of shad over around Walnut Creek west and just east of there along the north as you're heading towards Walnut crk south.

Wade with an 11.4

Another rut fish at 12 lbs

This was the biggun of the day at 18 lbs 4oz