Tiny's Catfishing December 28, 2013

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Fished with good friend Bill Mitchell today. We got started fishing kinda late as we were working on a learning trip figuring out the electronics and what not. We started fishing about noon and worked them over pretty good catching 22 total. We went to some wintering areas that I found last winter and there was never anyone fishing those wintering areas before last winter and now I see people fishing all over that area now. I need to figure out a way to disguise my boat while I'm out there cause they've pretty much fished a couple of those wintering holes out. The main one was the spot I found that the first time I fished it we caught over 1200 lbs of fish that day. No one ever knew about it until then and I went across it today and there was very few fish there. We came back by in the afternoon and seen some guys sitting right on top of that spot so I'm going to have to figure out how to hide from folks while I"m out there hahaha ... maybe a pink tootoo ballerina outfit might do it.

Bill got a double right off the bat.. one was a 15 lb'r

Another 15

Biggun of the day at 20

Here's Bill with his limit of 15 fish. Made 6 gallons of fillets even after turning back the bigguns