Dec 10th pictures

I was out of fish so I decided to go to Ft Gibson this evening to get some and I only have about 6 big shad and a bunch of small ones in the bait tank ... I got there and caught one up in the dummy hole and then they turned the water on after this one young boy showed up and he borrowed a hook from me and asked me if he could use that piece of shad that I'd cut a fillet off of ... I sed young man you can use any of that you want ... I then caught the 25 lb blue and while I was wrestling it into shore and having to walk down to the end of the walk way it took a while and by the time I made it back to my bait bucket I had no shad heads left hahaha ... I seen him and his buddy go back out and came right back in and started fishin again and I didn't think anything of it but I got home just now and seen that that little rat got all the shad outta my bait tank too :/ I tried fishin with sides but didn't do too well with them and didn't have any more heads so I decided it was time to go.

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