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About 12 years old I seen this pretty little gal named Glenda Cummings at her cousin's house. Billy McFarland was a friend I ran around with and Glenda was his cousin. They came to Davenport to visit family and I fell in love instantly. Later on as fate would work out, the Cummings family moved right next door to my Grandparent's house. I ran around with Carl Cummings all the time but I sure was fond of his sister. When we were about 16 I finally summoned up the courage to ask her on a date. It was a hard sell on Glenda's parents and they did everything they could to discourage and even forbade our seeing each other but they seen the futility in their efforts as it was just meant to be. Glenda wouldn't marry a doctor or a lawyer that they'd envisioned but instead a dirty ole plowboy from across the road would end up becoming their son-in-law.

wedding pic

Nov 6, 1977

Wedding Photo

Glenda Smith

27th anniversary

Glenda going to work

Mom and me

Tim Smith 1962





Cindy Tim, Uncle Bill & Debbie

Cindy and Debbie are uncle Bob's kids

Little Tim and Glenda


Glenda Jess and Donald

Glenda & Sylvia

Glenda and Tim at Silver City

Grandpa and Danielle

Glenda & Tim


Glenda & Sylvia

Glenda trying to look nice for the camera


My Wife

we were about to have a cookout or something

she said hehehe... your fly is open


I hadda put the dog in here somewhere. Toy schnauzer name of Lupita


pita for short. we named her after the little girl from the Denzel movie "Man On Fire"

Tim Donald & Glenda

At Church of Christ in Davenport

Glenda and Lupita

may 26, 2008

Glenda and I married on Nov 6, 1977 and our first child was born Aug 07, 1978 which is 9 months and 1 day after our marriage. Our Children's names are Timothy Michael (after me and some dude named Michael, he was born during the time of the tv show "Dallas" and I was adamant about him not being labled Jr even though I wasn't a watcher of the show.) , Elizabeth Jo (named after our mothers, Elizabeth was Glenda's mom's middle name and Jo was my mother's middle name), Donald Roy (Named after my uncle Donald Roy Richardson who passed away very young)& Jesse Allen (named after my grandmother Jesse and the name Allen just sounded good with it).

We lived in Davenport for a while in the apartments above the old pool hall that Tean Nicholes owned and then moved to Chandler. We lived in Chandler for several years then back to Davenport. In 1989 we moved to Silver City, OK and lived for about 11 years and then to Drumright, OK where we now live.

We now have 5 grandchildren, one is Timmy's, Elizabeth has three and Jesse has one. Donald hasn't got any children yet and he lives in Glendale California where he works for a Computer Game company as a Computer Graphics Artist.

I worked in the oil field most of the time but also a few stints at other things such as carpenter, welder, heavy equipment operator, truck driver, computer networking, computer repair, and now a Catfish Guide on Lake Kestone. Glenda is a housekeeper for a nursing home.

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