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Marilyn is my sister. She's my father, Russell Thompson's, third child. The reason my name is Smith is because he changed his name to Charles Smith to marry my mother. Welp, he'd done that before so it was nothing new to Russell because when he left women he just left them ... probably not too much warning or anything, just got a wild hair up his butt and took off to parts unknown after he'd made a complete ass of himself I suppose. The last letter or contact he'd had with my mother was when I was about 14 years old. He sent her a letter saying how sorry he was and asked her not to tell her son just how sorry he was. But, back to the story. When he left his first wife, Ursula and her two kids, he decided he'd marry again and he changed his name to "Bud Smith" then married Dorothy Womack in California and had two kids by her. Marilyn and Steve Smith since he'd just changed his name instead of doing things the legal way and filing for divorce. Seemed easier to him I guess to just change his name. I'm including this so that it's not so confusing to figure out this family and Russell's offspring as I'm one of them. Marilyn and Steve's names were changed to Marilyn and Steve Stringer as their mom married Bill Stringer. A good man that took care of and adopted Dorothy's children. They all lived around Stockton California and lived for a time in Arkansas as well. So, meet my other sister, Marilyn and her husband Joe Jones. I didn't know about them until June of 2002 nor did they know about me. Our brother Mike and his daughter was searching the internet for genealogy information and typed in "Russell Crawford Thompson" on the Google search engine and my page was the first one that popped up. Mike looked through it and he told me that he about fell out of his chair when he clicked on the picture I had on my Bio. I could imagine the surprise at finding out you've got a brother you never knew about via the internet. I included that information about Russell on my bio and this was how I became acquainted with my siblings. One of those Montell Williams type stories I guess hahaha. We've got another brother that I haven't heard from or been able to contact in Utah. James Russell Thompson is his name and his mother's name is Claudia and he would be Russell's 5th child. I'm the 6th ..... well that is of course the ones we know about ... there's probably others out there that we don't know about.

Joe and Marilyn Jones

Crystal and Family

This is Marilyn's daughter

Joe & Marilyn Jones

Joe Marilyn and Marilyn's mom Dorothy

Debbie, Marilyn, Dorothy & Tim

This photo is of Debbie (our cousin) Her son Tim on the far Right

Chad and Nattalie

This is Marilyn's Niece

Steve Stringer & Daughter and her kids

Steve is Marilyn's Brother .. he passed away in 2000 before I ever met him

Steve's grandkids

Steve's Grandkids


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