Tiny's Catfishing Photos, February 1, 2014

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Fished with Mark Smith and a couple of his Oil Field associates, Mike and James. Difficulty level of today's trip on a scale from 1 being easiest and 10 being the most difficult I'd rate today's trip as a 12 or more. It was totally miserable .. I asked if we could cancel the trip as the weather forcast kept getting worse and worse and Mark allowed that they'd already paid for the motel so we went. The temp was supposed to be a high of 37 the last time I looked but it actually never got above freezing the whole day ... the way I could tell was the floor of the boat stayed iced over and a big Ice sickle was forming on the trolling motor that kept getting bigger and bigger. To top off the miserable conditions we had someone going around in circles over wintering holes I'd found on previous trips and then he went to another of my spots and went around and around then left so I went over and found out that he must not have been directly on top of that spot as there was still fish there ... that's where we caught most of our fish was on that spot but when we anchored there these guys went all the way around my boat within casting distance .. I guess they were just out there to try to mess me up or mess with my livelyhood or something because then they anchored east of me about 100 yds and started making a loud gawd awful noice .... ain't no one can be catching fish making all that racket and just driving around in circles. This made me think of a show I watched called "Wicked Tuna" and they were talking about people mugging their numbers ... this guy wasn't just mugging mine ... he was on an all out assault hahaha... I'd never seen such as that. One guy came close to being that bad but he just ran across all my lines one time.

James with a nice albino bluecat

Mike with the biggun of the day at 9 lbs