Keystone Catfishing Feb 02, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with the Brothers McClure today ... Brad and Ed McClure ... we had a blast. We could have limited out by about 1:30 or 2pm but we decided to go see if we couldn't find some bigguns and we went in search of a few whoppers ... we found a spot that looked like there were some 15 to 20's in it so we broadcast our rods out and caught a couple of 15's there in that spot along with several others between 6 to 10 lbs. Then we went and used the gps to work identical areas and depths and we found some real hawgs hanging over on another slope on our third stop... so we broadcast the poles and did the drop and drag maneuver on them where ya throw way out and drag the bait back to you about 20 yds slowly to leave a scent trail in the water and that produced some fast hits over on about the third stop we made where we'd seen a couple of fish that looked around 35 to 40 lbs ... we missed a few hits there but we dropped and drug the baits and before we got three poles out that first pole on the port side we set out got slammed ... a nice 7 or 8 lb'r and then another one hit on Ed's side of the boat and we caught 4 there real quick and I told um that I think that that spot over there might really have them stacked up ... we were out of room in the boat for fish at that point but had plenty of time left still yet so we went exploring some more and found fish really stacked up like crazy in this one spot but what was odd is that the bite was really slow there ... we only needed 5 fish to limit out and they were slow coming but then they started hitting after a bit and we were done right at 4pm. 30 fish today with two over 15 lbs and a 14.1 and a few around 12 and 13 with lots around 10 lbs and on down. if we'd have stayed there in our second spot we could have limited out real quick there but the fish were a little smaller than what I'd like to have seen them reeling in. we caught 3 triples I think it was and several doubles today with lots of hoorah'n goin on and high fivin'. hahaha They allowed how Tiny done a Maaahhhvelous Job today. hahaha. Just simply Maaahhhvelous! hehehe. I think we may have had around 300 lbs of fish in the boat today but maybe just 280 ... the boat wouldn't hardly get on plane on the way back to the ramp. And I ain't kiddin neaner ... we had to get Brad and Ed up to the front of the boat before we could build up any speed at all. We'd limited out even though we were trying to be a little picky over which fish we fished for from about 12:30 on and in every spot that ole tiny predicted there'd be fish there were and quite a few of them also. When you get solid weather patterns that have held for several days in the winter then that makes it somewhat easier to predict where the fish are holding. it was surely a stellar day out on the water with great company and great weather and lots of great action.

Ed with the 14 lb 1 oz blue

Ed with his 15 lb 1 oz blue

Brad with a nice 15 lb 6 oz bluecat

Here's one of the many doubles they'd caught today