Keystone Catfishing February 2, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

Had a great day today, Fished with Loyd, Richard and Danny from up Joplin MO way. We got started fishin and Richard informed ole Tiny what them gals up around Joplin called Loyd ... "Big Sexy" ... I hesitated a little and said "WHY!" we all laughed and Loyd said "Well just _____ both of ya!" you can fill in the blank with whatever bad word you want but his started with F. hahaha. we all got a laugh bout that ... Richard reminded me of his nickname before we parted ways and I said ... yeah he's gonna have to pay for that one on my web site. I couldn't think of anything other than the story bout richard tellin me about his name but that made a pretty good story on top of a great day fishin.  I stopped by the Sonic on the way home, like I normally do and this feller hollered at me and said hey... are you Tiny? yep I sed ... he said well ... My son and I look at your web site every day and he said Dinner is on me ... he said I own this Sonic ... the one in Drumright also ... well I'm the manager along with other owners but my boy, Thomas and I look at your web site every day .. he said his name was Tommy ... thought I'd say howdy to Thomas while I'm thinkin about it and Thank your daddy for me Thomas for buyin my supper. I was kinda star-struck meeting an owner of the Sonic Drive-in ... I'm a big fan! hahaha

Loyd "Big sexy" Tennison with a nice 11+ fish

Danny with a nice blue about 8 lbs

Richard with his first 10+ fish

This isn't a double but we did catch a double today
Richard holding the biggest of the day at 16+ lbs

Richard with another 11+ fish

Total catch of the day was 46 .. I cleaned 44