Tiny's Catfishing Photos, February 2, 2013

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Fished with Merlyn, Dave, Taylor and Fawn today. We ended up catching over 50 fish and they turned back anything over 10 lbs to catch another day. We turned back 8 to 10 bigguns and kept all the smaller fish for a fish fry. Weather was great but the Boating gawds was unkind to tiny today... anchor wench went out on me and then my big motor lost a cylinder ... one of the coils went out.... AGAIN! ... If you ever get a chance to buy a Mercury........DON'T!!!! ..this is about the 7th or 8th coil that's went out on mine. I looked the motor over and pulled the lid off a little fuse box and one of the 20 amp mini fused was blown and I didn't have any so I took a file and fashioned a replacement out of one of the medium sized fuses I had in the boat and it blew out too... we dropped the trolling motor to get back to the boat ramp but my trolling motor had sit so long that it no longer functioned any faster than about the #2 speed.  and on the way I thought maybe I could unplug the bad coil and then make another fuse and go in on two cylinders ... had no idea if that'd work or not or if those fuse in that box had anything to do with the firing but I tried it and it worked ... I had me a big celebration when it fired up on two cylinders hahaha ... we made it in and that made trailering the boat a whole lot easier than trying to do it in high winds with a boat oar. This trip reminded me of the old days when I spent more time working on my boat than driving it ... hahaha. sheesh!

Second fish in the boat was also the biggun of the day at 24 lbs caught by Fawn

Dave with one just over 15 lbs

Fawn with a 19 lb'r

Merlyn with one about 18 lbs