Keystone Catfishing Feb 03, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Kelvin Truong and his nephew Brandon today. We started out and fished a spot that we ended the trip yesterday on but it was slow again today even though there was a lot of fish stacked up there. Not sure what's going on there but I asked Kelvin if he wanted to go Trophy hunting and he allowed that'd be cool so that's what we did ... we went in search of some big fish and we went to an area where I knew some fish would be holding and we ran around there a little bit and spotted two pretty nice fish on a drop-off and we set up and fished for um and we caught this first nice one that Brandon's holding up in the top photo at 17+ lbs and then they caught a double and one of them was 24 lbs ... I'm pretty sure these were the fish we spotted as they came right from the spot I'd marked them and then we went on to another spot after the action slowed some and we spotted a good bunch of fish with one pretty biggun and we caught several fish there and then one of Kelvin's rod tips buried into the water ... he had a tough time getting the rod out of the holder and we got it up and netted and it was bouncing from 34 lbs to 30 ... the waves were beating us pretty good so I couldn't get an accurate weight on the fish so we called it 31 lbs. Then Brandon caught another one in that spot at 21.3 lbs. They released all their bigger fish to fight another day and we went in a little early as Kelvin said that they had enough fish ... I forgot the total count but it was a lot. Nice goin guys. it was a blast and a real pleasure.  

Here's Brandon with the first nice one today at 17+ lbs

Here's a double they caught. the fish on the right that Brandon is holding up was 24+ lbs.
I forgot what Kelvin's weighed but it was a good one too

Kelvin's biggun of the day at 31+ lbs

Brandon with another nice one at 21.3 lbs