Keystone Catfishing February 4, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Perry and Sherri again today. What a blast, We started out on the lake with ice everywhere and it was tough to locate shad again. Finally caught about 8 drum and 3 shad in one throw and after trying for a little longer I decided to go ahead and see if the drum would work. They didn't, we caught 8 or 9 fish on those three shad and only one on the drum so we went on and netted about a dozen shad to finish out the day with. Ole Perry was sittin pretty with the 16+ he'd caught one one piece of the first three shad we had and thought he had her beat but after we came back for the second round I think the first fish that Sherri reeled in was the 22+ ... they turned their bigger fish back to fight another day. They caught 22 fish total today. The weather was colder than on their other trip but we wasn't having to fight the 25+mph winds which made it really nice out there ... light winds all day long.

Sherri with a 10.3

Perry with a 16.8

Perry and a 9.2

Sherri with a 22.13 lb'r .. biggun of the day

Sherri with a 10+

Perry and a 13.1

They kept 16 fish and turned 6 back