Tiny's Catfishing Photos, February 4, 2013

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Fished with Brad and Floyd today. We had a new record breaking day as Floyd set the new Catfishing.tv boat bluecat record. The old record Bluecat any of my clients caught was 43 lbs. Today Floyd caught a 46 lb blue and a 40 lb blue. We also caught lots of 15 to 20 lb blues and we tured back the 46 and a 25 and lots of others that we'd lost count of. I'm guessing we caught a total of about 60 fish for the day.  I quit taking photos of fish under 20 lbs as they'd look minimal compared to the previous fish we'd landed. The 40 lb blue looked a lot bigger than the 46 that Floyd caught due to the way he was holding them. Was a really great day out on the water.

Floyd and his 46 lb blue

Floyd and his 40 lb Blue

Floyd and another over 20 lbs