Keystone Catfishing February 6, 2010

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Bob set this trip up for his life long best friend, Ben's Birthday. Happy Birthday Ben.. You'll never guess who this Bob feller is ... he's "This may sound like a dumb question" Bob's Cousin. Ya know ... the one from a couple trips earlier. hahaha. Well ... these guys were a hoot too. Ben was the story teller of the two as he had a lot of old men dirty jokes and some not so dirty. We caught over 45 fish today with the biggest at 20+ lbs. Water temp was 38 and the fish were biting large shad. They were biting timidly until I switched all the hooks to 5/0 teamcatish circle hooks. Tried larger hooks on some of the rods but they would hit those and then let go instantly. 

Bob with a 10 lb'r

Bob with another 10+ lb'r

Birthday boy, Ben with the biggun of the day at 20+ lbs

Caught Bob and Ben in an action shot on one of the doubles today