Keystone Catfishing February 7, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

Where to begin??? Well I guess I could start with the story about perpetual habitual britches puller uppers. Brad was bent over the bow of the boat cleaning fish and it reminded me of something that happened to me on one of my trips when David Ball's fishin buddy stuck about a 6" live shad down my plumber's butt. I said something about doing it but I was feared of Brad beating me up and that wouldn't have been too pleasant but then I was trying to goad ole Randy into doing it cause they was buddies and all but he wouldn't do it for fear of retribution while he's asleep out on one of their fishing excursions but then I noticed Ole Brad was being a perpetual habitual britches puller upper after that hahaha. I was talkin bout how that shad went down in my butt cheeks and I stood up and that poor little shad shot outta there like a water melon seed on a july picnic. Then there was another little kicker in there where my wife had taken my dip net out of the boat to clean the boat yesterday and never put it back in there so we're out there without a net all day and about the 20th fish or so which was about 10 to 11 lbs Randy was trying to wrestle that fish into the boat and he was struggling really badly and he said ... tell your wife that I'm really aggravated at her. hahaha. we had a fun day ... caught their limits and they were averaging plum near bout 8 lbs or better with the biggest of the day about 18+. Lots of 10+ fish today.

Brad with a nice 10+ fish

Randy with about a 12+

Brad with another about 12

Randy and a 15+

Brad with another 10+ while Randy was caught in the first action shot

then Brad nailed this 18+ and Randy turned right around and caught another
12+. We quit takin pics of the 10+ fish as we had a lot of photos already