Keystone Catfishing Feb 08, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Went fishin with some old friends. John from up at Claremore and his long time school buddy Ben from down Tejas. We went to a different lake to check it out and did pretty good but didn't find the fish we were looking for ... we did more boating around than fishing though ... we'd have been able to do a lot better if my trolling motor batteries hadn't crapped out on me. wasn't any way to sneak up on those fish after that and we had high winds so the trolling motor was pretty much useless. We figured out where the fish were but the wind switched out of the west and they took off ... I've never seen fish react to a wind change as fast as these did as it was getting late and we checked over on the east side of the channel where we'd found most all the fish and there was a truck load of them that stacked up on the east side of the channel. They were suspended at different levels too and not hanging right on the ledge but we still caught a pretty decent mess of fish ... I think about a dozen fish with the biggest being a hair over 10 lbs caught by Ben. We're gonna try this lake again prolly around the middle of next week or so. it was great to go fishin with my ole buddies again.

Ben with the biggun of the day. 10+