Keystone Catfishing Feb 09, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fishing was tough today as the fish moved out of their wintering areas. We fished all over the place trying to catch some tough to get suspended fish and what not. we found a few down in the wintering holes but not many takers ... we went until about 3pm and only had two fish in the livewell and then we went up to walnut creek and figured them out. there had been a little flood up river I guess cause the water was muddy and lots of debris in the water so I knew where they'd went then ... we busted um up pretty good after that and caught a pretty decent mess of fish ... they ended up with 3 gallons of fish fillets for the day. For some reason ole Ed was saying something about some guy what got two W's tatoo'd on his butt cheeks ... now whether he actually did or not is left to be seen cause Ed said something about he was gonna check into this further I think. Maybe he didn't say that but it seemed as though he was a little curious ... the guy allowed that it spelled WoW when he bent over and if he was upside down it spelled MOM ... now I'm not sure how it does that cause how can ya get WOW and MOM out of two W's tatoo'd on your butt? I guess the next time I see Ed he will have figured that out. hahaha. I'm just kiddin bout Ed being curious bout that though ... cause he said that he didn't want to see if he'd really gotten the tattoo but now Tiny is wondering if he really did or not. I guess they'll have to bring him fishin with them the next time. hahaha. We'll inspect this even further.

Bill Burns jumped up in there and got this nice 10 lb blue this morning. First fish of the day I think.

Ed came back and fished with Tiny. He was out with me last Saturday'd have thought he'd have learned his lesson the first time hahaha. 19+ lbs.