Tiny's Catfishing Photos, February 9, 2015

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Fished with Marvin, Don and Mike today. Had a great day catching 250 lbs of fish total. I made a major discovery today, I caught enough shad to fish for 3 days on the 7th ... it took me until 11am to catch bait so I figured I'd try to keep them alive for all three days. Today we started fishing and the first shad I used was really frisky and we caught a lot of fish right off the bat but the rest of the shad were almost dead. They had rigor set up in their bodies but their gills were still moving ... I didn't think anything of it but it became tough to get the fish to bite and I started thinkin that this shouldn't happen ... we caught fish just fine right at the start of the trip and then remembered that shad was alive and well and the others near death so I told the guys I think our shad aren't any good so we went and caught a fresh batch of shad and started tearing them up again so the shad can't be just alive ... they have to be really alive and well in order to be fully effective.

Don with the first nice one of the day at over 11 lbs

Don with another 11 lb'r

Marvin, Don and Mike with one almost 15 lbs