Keystone Catfishing February 12, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

Went fishin with Joel, Kenneth and Brian today from down around Stroud America. Had a blast today. caught lots of fish and some nice ones too ... the top 4 fish they turned loose weighed over 70 lbs. That second 20 that Brian and Joel are posing with they double teamed but Brian was doing the reeling. I Hollered "Fish ON!!!" I said ... he's goin around the boat ... no he's under the boat ... he got hung up in the transducer first off and then around the motor and then went all the way around the boat around the back anchor rope then around to the front and got wrapped around the front anchor rope ... man ... talk about a skirmish of epic proportions hahaha. The fish in the top photo had been on a set line for a long time as he had a big open wound on the left side of his mouth and all the flesh worn off his right pectoral plus lots of line cuts all down his body ... he'd have weighed in at an easy 20 if he'd have been filled out. the way he was he was about 18 lbs. 

This fish caught by Brian had been hung on a trotline for quite a long time.
If he'd have been filled out he'd have been a 20 lb'r

Brian with another 20 lb'r

Kenneth with a nice 10+

Joel with a 23+<br>

This is the ones they kept. I don't think they kept any over 12 or 13 lbs