Tiny's Catfishing Photos, February 12, 2016

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Fished with locals today .. Ron Dawes and his boys, Jake, James and Nick... we had a blast catching over 300 lbs of fish and the biggest at 40 and a few ounces. We caught several 20's also all the bigguns released to fight another day and more importantly to make more babies

Nick with his biggun of the day at 24.5 lbs

James with a 40 lb'r

Save fish .. different view

Big Daddy Ron with a nice one. Ron also a Wartime Vet I found out he served in the Navy. Thanks Ron and Jake.

Some we kept by a little after noonish
They ended up with 5 gallons of fillets as we
caught a lot more after This pic

Our US Marine graced us with his presence .. Ron's boy Jake